Since its founding in 2012, Warren Windows, located in Beijing, China, has been determined to bring guardian for many homeowners by providing quality aluminum windows and doors in standard sizes and customized sizes. Warren windows takes technique and workmanship and quality seriously. Instead of applying traditional manpower in our factories, we have introduced a few German Elumatec Automatic Processing machines to make our manufacturing more precise and effective. In the past ten years, Warren windows keep pushing itself to pursue more delicate products for every customer by observing the newest technique and designs while always remaining professional service. You can see many stores selling Warren products in many cities across China and we also done many excellent projects for customers from another countries. Our products have received many favors from over 350, 000 families. But we are not yet satisfied with those progress. We was working on, are working on, and will continue working on improved quality and better budget for our customers.

Why Us

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We use the Semperit® adhesive strips. Sempertrans is one of the world´s leading suppliers – No 3 globally


In Warren, we believe windows & doors are the essential guardians for a comfortable home. Every window or door DOES matter and it certainly deserves our attention.

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Meet the diverse needs of each family.
Interpreting the art of life with doors and windows
Selection of real materials
Extensive experience
Dedicated to the research and design of energy-saving doors and windows and extremely responsive to the national call for energy saving and emission reduction