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What is the common type and materials of an exterior door?

by KE JIAYI 31 May 2023 0 Comments

When it comes to selecting an exterior door for your home, material matters! Because it affects both how your home looks and how well it withstands the elements.

That's why you should know the different options of materials available before you make your choice.

The most common door materials

The doors come in a variety of materials, each with its own benefits. The following are the most common door materials:


You can't go wrong with steel doors when it comes to security and protection from the elements. Not only are they relatively inexpensive, but they are also incredibly sturdy and energy-efficient, mostly due to their core insulation.

Steel doors are also highly weather-resistant, which prevents warping over time, and requires minimal maintenance.

However, it's worth noting that steel doors are prone to dents and scratches; therefore, they may need to be protected from harsh weather.


Fiberglass doors are gaining popularity among homeowners due to their durability and ability to withstand weather damage. They are easy to install, highly durable, low maintenance, energy-efficient, and weather-resistant.

Additionally, they come in various wood grain textures, providing the look of a real wood door.

And due to their high-quality composite construction, fiberglass doors are ideal for extreme climates and high-traffic areas!


Wood doors are often considered the epitome of elegance and aesthetics. They are heavy and sturdy and offer a traditional and sophisticated look to any home.

Also, wood doors are highly customizable, available with or without glass features, and come in a wide range of woods to fit different budgets.

Nevertheless, it's important to note that wood doors, especially those without a sufficient overhang, can be impacted by the elements over time. So, the painting and staining of wood every few years is necessary to preventing warping, rot, and expansion.

Less Common Door Materials

In terms of door materials, there are a number of lesser-known options that have some unique benefits. Some of these materials are:


Aluminum doors, although commonly used for storm or patio doors, can also be custom-built for front entry doors. They are known for their resilience as they do not rust and require no repainting. And it is also important to note that aluminum doors are often covered by long warranties, some spanning up to 20 years, making them a low-maintenance and durable choice.


Vinyl doors, on the other hand, are typically used for patio doors but have been gaining popularity as front entry doors due to their affordability.

They are known for their energy efficiency and exceptional weather-proofing, making them ideal for various climates. Furthermore, vinyl doors require minimum maintenance, making them a practical choice for homeowners!

Wrought iron

For those seeking a unique and stylish appearance, wrought iron doors can be an excellent option for both front and patio doors.

Their high durability makes them a good choice for long-term use. Additionally, wrought iron doors offer high security and can be fitted with custom glass panes and add-ons that enhance the aesthetic appeal of the door.

Other Exterior Door Types

When it comes to exterior doors, the front door often takes the spotlight, but there are other types of doors that can also enhance your home's functionality and aesthetic appeal.  

Here are some other popular exterior door options to consider:

French Patio Doors: Elegance and Customizability

French patio doors exude elegance and offer a high level of customizability with various glass insert options.

You can choose to have them swing inside or outside, feature left- or right-handed hardware, or have only one door open.

In comparison to sliding patio doors, French doors are made from aluminum, vinyl, or wood and offer many of the same benefits as front doors, including enhanced security and privacy.

Sliding Glass Patio Doors: Cost-effective and Functional

Sliding glass patio doors are the most common choice due to their cost-effectiveness and functionality.

They operate like large windows, allowing ample sunlight and fresh air into your home.

Typically made from aluminum, wood, or vinyl, it's crucial to ensure they have maximum security features, such as security bars or reinforced glass, for added safety.

Storm Doors: Protection and Energy Efficiency

Storm doors may seem bulky to some, but they serve essential purposes in protecting your home from extreme weather conditions and providing an additional layer of energy efficiency.

Available in steel, composite, or aluminum, storm doors come in various styles, including glass and screen options.

Steel storm doors are extremely durable, while composite doors offer superior energy efficiency. Aluminum storm doors, on other hand, are comparable to steel in durability and excel at protecting homes from extreme heat and cold.

Choosing the Perfect Door Style for Your Home

The style of your new door can greatly enhance your home's curb appeal and make it stand out. Consider some of these popular styles that match your design preferences:

  • Classic: Timeless Charm - A classic door style exudes timeless charm and can blend seamlessly with various home designs.
  • Mid-century: Retro Chic - Mid-century doors are known for their retro chic look and can add a touch of nostalgia to your home.
  • Modern or Contemporary: Sleek and Minimalistic - Modern or contemporary doors offer a sleek and minimalistic look, perfect for homes with a modern aesthetic.
  • Mediterranean: Rustic Elegance - Mediterranean doors evoke rustic elegance with their intricate details and warm tones, ideal for homes with Mediterranean or Spanish-style architecture.
  • Craftsman: Traditional Craftsmanship - Craftsman doors are known for their traditional craftsmanship, featuring intricate details and natural wood textures, perfect for homes with a Craftsman or Arts and Crafts style.
  • Victorian: Ornate and Grand - Victorian doors are characterized by their ornate and grand design, ideal for homes with a Victorian or Queen Anne style.

Working with a Trusted Door Contractor for the Perfect Fit

It can be overwhelming to choose the right door material and style, but partnering with a reputable contractor can help simplify the process.

They assess your needs, budget, and style preferences to recommend the best door options that meet your requirements. With their expertise, you can ensure a smooth and successful door replacement project that enhances your home's aesthetics, functionality, and security.

French Door

 Standard Size(in")
Width Height Size
48 80 48x80
60 80, 96 60x80, 60x96
64 80 64x80
72 76, 80, 96 72x76, 72x80, 72x96
96 80 96x80
124 80 124x80


Common Size:

36 inch / 48 inch / 72 inch

5 ft / 6 ft / 8 ft

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