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What Type Of Material Is The Best For My Screen Door?

by KE JIAYI 04 Apr 2023 0 Comments

Those who own door screens will tell you what an incredible improvement it makes to their home. A screen door is not essential for home improvement, but especially in warmer climates, it can boost the quality of life drastically. 

Here's why. From the comfort of their homes, owners can enjoy the outdoors—things like fresh-cut grass, cool breezes, birds chirping, etc. Bugs and critters can't get inside your home.

To choose the right screen door, you should understand all the various types and the advantages and disadvantages of each. You can then find a door screen that reflects your home's style and decor.

Benefits of Screen Doors

  1. Home Security

You feel safer letting in a cool breeze through a locked screen door on the front door. Sliding the glass panel over the screen and locking the storm door provides another layer of protection against burglars.

Even stainless steel or aluminum screens can offer protection compared to traditional vinyl ones. Some screen doors also have non-removable pin hinges to deter burglars.

  1. Enhances Your Home Value

If you're not planning to stay in the property forever, you may be looking for inexpensive ways to raise its value. House painting, replacing outdated windows, or adding screen doors can be some of the options. Potential buyers will also like the added security and the ability to avoid future upgrades to the deck or repairs to the material.

  1. A Heat Barrier

Even with the windows closed, harsh summer light may easily enter your home. 

Interior window furnishing allows you to relax in a comfortable environment (away from heat and excessive light); however, at the same time, it doesn't let you enjoy the outside view. 

By using screen doors, you can not only protect yourself from the intense heat, but you can also enjoy the beautiful views outside while you are inside. UV rays and solar heat gain are blocked by 50% of the mesh, keeping your home cool.

Many benefits come with screen doors. Furthermore, they protect your house against burglars and harsh weather, as well as giving it the unique features it needs.

It is recommended that you install screen doors if you are concerned about the value of your property. With screen doors installed in your home, you get more for your home as it boosts home value. Make sure you choose the right design. A screen door makes you feel more comfortable inside.

  1. Keep Insects Away

The last thing you want is for pests to enter your home. With security screen doors, you get the best of both worlds, letting fresh air into your home while keeping bugs out.

In addition to bugs, fly screens can keep debris out of the house as well. Open doors can easily admit leaves, rubbish, and sand when it's windy outside. However, security screens prevent these things from getting in.

  1. Ventilation And Natural Light

Light and fresh air are essential for homes and people. As crime rates rise, it is becoming more difficult to leave doors and windows open without security screens. You can let natural light into your home through security doors, making your home feel more spacious without worrying about intruders.

Airflow is also improved with security doors' wire mesh designs. For the prevention of mold and the removal of stale air from an environment, fresh air is essential. A homeowner can breathe fresh air without sacrificing security by opening their windows. Security screens also allow you to leave a window or door open when you leave a property for a while.

Types of Screen Doors

  1. Swinging Screen Doors

A swinging door screen opens and closes like a traditional door. It has long been the case that swinging screen doors were designed primarily with mesh screens and minimal framing around the edges. However, now you can buy heavy-duty swinging screens. Metal, wood, or aluminum frames are often used on swinging screen doors.

  1. Retractable Screen Doors

Door screens are becoming more popular with retractable screens. With retractable door screens, you can have them when you need them and hide them when you don't. Modern, sleek, and minimal home designs are great for this. Screens can also be fitted to swinging doors, double French doors, and sliding patio doors.

  1. Pivoting Screen Doors

Screen doors with pivoting panels are among the newest types on the market. The most elegant and fashionable screen door on the market today. Front doors with pivoting screen doors convey an air of class and elegance and are out of the ordinary. 

Its unique design revolves around a pivot box, allowing it to be opened in a unique manner. It is important to note that most pivot screen doors cannot be left open for air circulation because this will leave an opening for pests, insects, and rats. The solution is to install a security screen around your door frame.

  1. Sliding Screen Doors

Double sliding glass doors leading to a backyard, patio, or deck typically have sliding screens. With sliding screen doors, you can enjoy great views of your backyard while allowing lots of natural light and fresh air into your home. 

In the absence of locks, sliding door screens aren't as secure as other screen doors. However, you may find some sliding screen doors with guaranteed maximum security thanks to their heavy-duty design and multi-lock systems.

  1. Decorative Screen Door

It goes without saying that decorative screen doors can be decorated in any way you desire. There is a lot of appeal and attraction to them. Decorative screen doors enhance your front door's aesthetics. You can customize your screen door with decorative screens. It can be adapted to fit your style of decor, but it is best suited for modern decor. 

Best Materials for Screen Door

  1. Aluminum 

A powder-coated aluminum extruded screen door is not only durable but can also be customized to suit your home's style.

Designed to prevent slumping and bending, heavy-duty aluminum screen doors are built to specific requirements. Powder-coating ensures long-lasting, durable finishes that will withstand harsh weather conditions.

The entry foyer of your home can be enhanced, adding visual appeal and creating a welcoming environment for guests. You can choose decor options like sunbursts and sidelights to customize your front entry enclosure.

  1. Wood

There's nothing more traditional than wooden screen doors. A rustic or country-style home would benefit from these. Painting or staining wooden screen doors will keep the wood looking good; however, the weather and moisture will damage bare wooden screen doors.

  1. Fiberglass

The use of fiberglass for doors has become very popular, including screen doors. The strength and durability of this material contribute to its popularity. Despite being low-maintenance, this is one of the most expensive types of screen door frames.

  1. Metal

Metal (copper, bronze) screen doors are best for preventing bad air from outside. Humidity-controlled areas benefit from these doors. Metal screen doors can be more costly than other types, but they look stunning.

Final Thoughts

Installing a screen door can benefit you in many ways. The real question is: Which one to buy? Naturally, that becomes a bit of a tricky decision since you have ample options for screen doors out there. Remember, when you intend to buy one, consider your specifications, as that’ll help you make the right choice. 

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